Monday, March 31, 2014

Justo Lamas and Ennio continue to promote language learning

Ennio Emmanuel was recently awarded the Best Latin Artist award.  Ennio will appear again in North Platte Nebraska on October 28, 2014.

Justo has added a new learning tool to his website. Justo Para Aprender is a series of short videos with student activities to share information about Argentinian culture and language. Each video is available with subtitles.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Logan LaPlante is an amazing young man, who has taken charge of his own learning. In this video from TED Talks, he explains how he infuses his learning with life experiences leaving him with rich, deep learning.

The Teacherpreneur

We all do it. As teachers, we are constantly creating and revising materials for our students.  We share these with colleagues, but almost never get any compensation for the hours we spend writing and organizing these lessons or activities.
But with the rise of websites like Teachers Pay Teachers, we may finally have an outlet to share our creations and receive some compensation as we share them with any teacher willing to pay a moderate fee to download them.  Having explored the TPT website, I can say I found some great resources at low prizes. And some are even free.
So, what are teacherpreneurs?
According to Paul Moss, in 2015-2020: The Rise of the Teacherpreneur, 8 of the next big edtech products will be invented by teacherpreneurs.
This is exciting news. After all, teachers know their students better than any edtech company.  Younger teachers are more aware of startup businesses, and more used to sharing ideas online.
This is great news for students and schools. Companies often have to charge higher fees to cover production costs, while teachers produce materials that are more affordable and more tuned in to student needs.  With the rise of iTunes and other apps stores, teachers can produce their materials and share them worldwide.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Having found the incredible power of using Comprehensible Input in my language classes, I'm always searching for additional resources. Here are some teacher blogs with great resource, and even lessons ready to go.

Martina Bex's The Comprehensible Classroom - Martina's blog is well organized with logs of great lesson plans. I really like her section on songs. She provides videos of the songs as well as classroom learning activities for students. Some of her items are listed on Teachers Pay Teachers, but many of them are free from her site.

Kristy Placido's Blog - Kristy has posted student videos to showcase what her students are able to create.

There are so many fantastic resources shared by teachers that we can use to build our own curriculums.